With VividPixel™ the art of photography meets the art of the sale.

Using our 26-step VividPixel™ process, our real estate photography experts turn good photos into remarkable portraits that attract more buyers.

HD photos are delivered to you the next day by Noon, guaranteed.
We take the highest-quality photos using cutting-edge equipment, suchas the Canon EOS R5, 8K camera.
Virtual Twilight photos are included in every package at no additional charge.
Jackie Nino Listing Agent

I used ListPix on a high-end listing and they made sure my clients and my team were comfortable through the entire process. When they sent us the finished product, we were blown away! They do commercial and residential videography and photography for a price that you can't turn down for the amazing level of quality they give. Highly Recommended!

Amanda Elizabeth Listing Agent

Listpix was great, I called them and made an appt. for the very next day. Their 3d Matterport tour was perfect for what’s going on right now. I posted his pictures and the tour in the MLS and received an offer 2 days later from someone who hadn’t even seen the home in person. The pictures and their work sold the home. Thank you!

Milica Dubljević Listing Agent

Listpix has excellent equipment and is FAA certified to operate a drone, so they were able to provide us with spectacular aerial shots AND video of our home. They communicate well with their subjects and put them at ease, which enabled them to get some very nice candid shots of our staff at work. Finally, they went way beyond our expectations by Photoshopping annoying street signs, etc. out of the exterior photos so that there is no clutter at all. The quality of their work is amazing, and delivery was much sooner than expected for all the work they did making the photos look perfect.

Jelena Fazekas Home Seller

Wow! Sold our home in the first hour it was on the market, thanks to the amazing photographs from ListPix Studios! Everyone who came to look atthe house said the gorgeous photographs inspired them to rush to see it. Incredible customer service, great people and we had the photos the next day! I have sold many homes over the years and I have never seen photographs like these. If you are selling your home, ListPix Studios will make your house stand out from every other listing.

Samuel King Listing Agent

W-O-W! I was completely blown away with Listpix’s quality of work. They do things that I've never seen before with Photography and Videography. When working with Listpix you can expect your expectations to be exceeded. They have an incredible eye for detail and I highly recommend them.

Bella Yoloff Home Seller

My husband and I found our dream home unexpectedly and put our house on the market in a rush.  My realtor didn't have time to schedule a professional photographer with the agency I'm working with so I reached out to ListPix Studios. They were responsive, ON TIME, and a pleasure to work with!

Jacob Michael Listing Agent

ListPix Studios is a great company that makes sure the job is done right. So helpful, caring and makes sure everything is done well and without errors. The turnaround time is fast. I am very pleased with them and look forward to using them again or recommending them to others!

The secret behind successful real estate marketing campaigns throughout Florida.

Home listings that use HD real estate photography sell 32% faster and receive a 47% higher asking price per square foot..
And since 60% of homebuyers spend most of their time checking out photos and other media on your listing, you MUST use the highest-quality photos possible. But your smartphone isn’t going to cut it. You won’t even get these results with professional camera equipment.
The secret to top-selling real estate photography isn’t simply taking excellent photos. It’s editing and transforming them after the shoot. That’s the edge the VividPixel™ process gives to top realtors in Florida.

How the VividPixel™ process creates stunning images that captivate buyers.

The most important assets in every real estate marketing campaign are the images of the home. But the details you attempt to capture can often be lost with different exposures, weather conditions, time of day, colors of the home and so many other factors.
The VividPixel™ process restores all those eye-popping details you can’t afford to miss. We use the latest photography equipment and highest-quality cameras to produce outstanding photos, including the new Canon EOS R5, 8K camera.
We shoot at optimal times of day, adjusting to your schedule, weather and any other circumstances. Once we’re finished shooting, we apply our digital magic. Using our proprietary 26-step VividPixel™ editing process, we correct discoloration, enhance the background and foreground, sharpen pixelation, improve the composition and apply over a dozen techniques to convert good photos into (near) pieces of art.
The results are gorgeous images that capture the details only seen by the naked eye.

Every Real Estate Photography Package Includes:

  • Color Cast Removal to balance hues and give the image the right look, making sure it’s 100% accurate every time.
  • 24-48 Hour Scheduling.
  • You become our top priority the moment you book a shoot.
  • Next Morning Delivery.
  • You’ll have photos in hand the morning after your shoot.
  • Day-to-Dusk or Twilight “Hero Shot”.
  • These top photos for selling your home are included for FREE in every package.
  • Magazine-Quality Flash Photography.
  • TV Image and Fireplace Log and Flame Inserts.
  • We compose, shoot and edit the highest-quality real estate photos in Central Florida.
  • Professional Certified Photoshop Specialists that can transform images in any way you want.
  • We use a proprietary on-site and editing process to create pristine windows, a focus point for all buyers.
  • Sky Replacements for both interior and exterior images to match the mood of the photo.
  • Object Removal for digitally remove obstructions and unwanted objectswhile maintaining the quality of every photo.
  • The background of any photo is enhanced according to quality standards and the context of the image.

Market Your Home With Real Estate Photography That Won’t Break the Bank.

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